The Church & Family Life internship is a discipleship program for young men designed to expand their vision of God and refine their understanding of the church and the family. 

The internship features a rigorous program consisting of reading approximately 20 books and the entire Bible, memorizing multiple Scripture passages, and completing various writing exercises. During this season of life, interns are engaged in ministry to families and churches through their daily work at the Church & Family Life offices through audio, video, and written communication.   

Interns also benefit immensely from local church involvement and mentorship by the men and families at Hope Baptist Church and discipleship with Scott and David Brown. Our prayer is that the deposits we make will help to prepare, transform, and deploy men passionate for the Lord and that a new generation of church leaders would be raised.

One of the most exciting parts of our work at Church & Family Life over the years has been to see what God has done through our intern program. We have seen God work in a mighty way through the daily discipleship, hard work, the camaraderie, opportunity, and sacrifice involved in being an intern. We have seen men spiritually mature, become convicted of sin, and be transformed through the course of the internship.

For more information, please contact David Brown at [email protected]

To learn more and to apply to become an intern with Church & Family Life, please download the application below.




Joshua (Class of 2016) -  I believe my time here at Church & Family Life has been instrumental in my spiritual and physical growth. Church & Family Life gives a great opportunity for young men to grow in the Scriptures, gain life skills, grow in love for the church, and make ministering to others a regular part of life. Not only was this a huge time of personal growth, but I left equipped with an arsenal of new friends and family from across the country. I praise the Lord for this experience!

The highlight of the internship for me was the regular interaction with Mr. Scott Brown. His joyful attitude was contagious and his devoted prayer life encouraged mine. During the internship, he shared with us so many practical bits of wisdom. Mr. Brown was never too busy to take a moment and teach us. It is a blessing having Mr. Brown as a mentor for life. I recommend this internship to any young man intent on following the Lord.

John (Class of 2015) - The Church & Family Life internship was a season of significance for me. To have almost seven months devoted to the studying of God’s word opened my heart and soul to the beauty and majesty of God beyond any opportunity I’ve had before or likely will ever have again. The internship has impacted my life in indescribable ways and I’m sure I will feel the effects for the rest of my life.

The internship is not for everyone. However, if you are a young man aspiring to learn more about God and His majesty and willing to set aside seven months to gain a deeper understanding of God’s word and how it should affect our lives while being supported by a multitude of godly men, this internship opportunity is for you.

Michael (Class of 2015) - I am very grateful for this program and the blessing it was to me. I was told a few times during the internship that it would be a long time before I would be able to give as large a portion of my time to the study of God's word as during the internship. Now that it is over I see that this is certainly true. I definitely miss the lack of distraction sometimes. I believe the greatest blessing was the mentoring I received. Throughout the course of the internship, I came in contact with dozens of men who had a desire to invest their time in sharing wisdom with me. As Solomon wrote in Proverbs, wisdom was crying from the rooftops; it wasn't hard to find. The internship gave me a much better foundation in sound doctrine as well as a better understanding of why I believe it, but more importantly I was given a greater love for God, His Word, and His Church, and a taste of the habits that will help me continue to grow in these areas throughout my life. 

Tyler (Class of 2013) - During my time as a Church & Family Life intern, I was deeply impacted by the culture of the work and living environment. Being constantly enveloped in the Scriptures caused my love for them to grow immensely. I went into the internship looking at it as an investment for my future and I left with so much more than just that.  The internship truly was a fruitful time, a time where I learned so much and grew so much closer to God. I would highly recommend the Church & Family Life internship to any young man that wants to dive into the word of God and grow closer to him while serving as an intern.

Marvin (Class of 2012) - The Church & Family Life internship helped me to grow in various ways as a man, as a Christian and as a son at home. As a man, I learned what it means to do all things without complaining and appreciated the value of hard work; which has made me successful in my business, I might add. As a Christian, I learned what it means to believe in the sufficiency of scripture and to apply it in the day to day life. As a son at home, I saw how lazy I had been prior to the internship. Family life wasn't so important to me but all that changed, perhaps the most important lesson of all was that God honors a family who together performs His will. I decided to start mentorship program at my own church and I have two men under me. I wish to do for them what Church & Family Life did for me. 

Jonathan (Class of 2012) - Interning with Church & Family Life made such a positive impact on my life. From the morning Bible studies to the sermon discussions around the dinner table on Sunday evenings, I was continually learning, being convicted of sin, and maturing in my faith throughout the entire internship. I am incredibly grateful to the men who invested so much in me during a season of focused study and service.

Jonathan (Class of 2014) - Being part of the internship program with Church & Family Life has been one of the most cherished experiences in my life as young Christian. Church & Family Life’s commitment to see the Interns walking close to the Lord is one of the spiritual disciplines that I will always remember for the rest of my life. Our morning Bible study in the dormitory catered an atmosphere where we would share our thoughts on Scripture openly and helping one another in areas we are lacking understanding. Reading books, writing book reports and the book discussions that are held at the end of each week with our mentor was very helpful in solidifying the truths that have been read…This internship has greatly impacted my work ethic, commitment to my local church, submission to authority, preparation for marriage and family and my commitment to my spouse, and what sort of a leader I ought to be if God would have me in any leadership position. Thanks to God for using Church & Family Life to groom me for the future. 

Timothy (Class of 2010) - The Church & Family Life internship was a radical time in my life. Scott Brown and the men of Hope Baptist believe firmly that God works when men are taken, placed or nudged outside our natural “comfort zones”…In fact, this internship is one of the greatest watersheds between the time I spent as a young man acting like a child and beginning to realize and assume the responsibilities of a man. This was the grace of God at work in me and in spite of me—and a primary channel was my Church & Family Life internship experience…If the Christian life is war, this internship is both a boot camp and a battleground. Soldiers of the King seeking training and hardening experience would do well to submit themselves to this regimen for its duration...With softened hearts, tender souls and ready minds, Church & Family Life interns can leave this program tremendously built up and edified: their hearts full and encouraged, their souls convicted and sober, and their minds eager to understand and apply the glorious truths of God. 

James (Class of 2014) - I recommend the Church & Family Life internship to any Christian young man desiring to grow in his walk with the Lord, gain a deeper understanding of His Word, learn how to function in a local church body, and understand what it means to take every thought captive, and use every moment of time for the glory of Christ. The time spent in the internship was a priceless opportunity to hone skills that are required to live a life of biblical manhood. Throughout the course of our time there, we were challenged to do things outside of our comfort-zone, taught to have an attitude of diligence and cheerfulness in our daily tasks, and shown through the example of the men and families we spent time with, the ways in which the principles of godly manhood play out in the church, ministry, and home life. 

Micah (Class of 2009) - The Church & Family Life Internship was my first time living away from home for an extended period of time. Besides the lessons learned in work and study it gave me a chance to take more responsibility for myself as a young man while still being under some degree of accountability. I learned much about a right study and application of God's word as well as learning the value of being willing to do any task and do it well. I would recommend the Church & Family Life internship to any Christian young man who is willing to learn and to serve. God used this opportunity mightily in my life and I am grateful for his leading me to this experience and how he has used the people at Church & Family Life and Hope Baptist to shape me into the man he wants me to be.

Joel (Class of 2011) - My time spent with Church & Family Life had a tremendous impact on my development and growth as a young adult.  The internship challenged me in almost every area of my life.  Physically, I grew under the daily exercise regimen and the workload at Church & Family Life.   Spiritually, I grew through personal discipleship from Scott Brown, the rigorous reading list for the interns, and participation in the church community of Hope Baptist.  Mentally, I was challenged by new projects relating to editing, typing, project development, marketing, customer service, event coordination, and community service.   Most importantly, my character was changed and grown.  Through the investment of Scott Brown and David Brown (our Intern Coordinator), I learned how to demonstrate character qualities like initiative, diligence, perseverance, commitment, and compassion.  If you are wanting to grow in your life spiritually, mentally, physically, and face challenges that will mold you into a man who is better prepared to take on the world for Christ's Kingdom, then I highly recommend submitting an application to the Church & Family Life internship program.

Levi (Class of 2014) - The Lord has used this internship in my own life to draw me nearer to Him. I recommend this internship to any young man who is seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord and that truly desires to grow and to learn.  I had the pleasure of being a part of the 2014 Church & Family Life intern class.  It was a life-changing experience for me. One of the greatest parts of this internship was being able to read through the entire Bible in six months and memorize the Sermon on the Mount (Mathew 5-7). This whole internship was very good for me, but the thing that had the greatest effect on me, that changed my life the most, was the good conversations that I had with the men at Hope. To me, that was the greatest part of the internship, that these Godly men are willing to give their time to these young men who are wanting to learn. “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Pro. 13:20).  This is something that every young man should be seeking for, wise mentors.  These men have changed my life in so many ways and have left a long-lasting impression on my life. I have learned so much from them all! 

Reese (Class of 2013) - For me, the Church & Family Life Internship was an opportunity to walk with wise men. I and my fellow interns were mentored by Mr. Scott Brown & Mr. David Brown.  Not only did they invest in us, but many of the men of Hope Baptist Church did also.  We were able to go into their homes and worship God alongside them, seeing how each family applied God's Word… One of my many favorite times was the weekly gathering of the church to discuss the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.  There, we talked through the Confession and how we, both as a body and as individuals, can better apply God's word… During my internship, I had sins exposed, many preconceived ideas shattered, and ultimately got a greater vision of who God is.  This was primarily from the reading and preaching of God's word.  Knowing my Heavenly Father better has changed my life in practical, day to day ways.  I relate to my parents & siblings differently.  My goals in life have changed.  I even sing different songs.

Daniel (Class of 2013) - I believe that my time at the internship was one of the most constructive and encouraging periods of my life. It impacted my knowledge of God and doctrine. It blessed me with friends, and fostered many practical life skills… As I reflect on my time within the Church & Family Life internship program, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in it I am grateful that this opportunity was God's will in my life. The internship changed and shaped my life, soul, mind, and body. As time passes I more clearly see what a beneficial use of time it was. The Church & Family Life internship is a wonderful opportunity. To God be the glory.