Biblical Headship - Building a God-Saturated Home

When God appoints a man to be the head it's to be the husband of his wife and to love her as Christ loved the church. That's an astonishing requirement. Who's sufficient for these things? And to try to get the modern American male to understand what it means to live as a self-sacrificing head of a wife is still a great challenge.

I am thankful to see that the men that the Lord has given enough light to, to really begin to do these things. But what we have been so brainwashed, we've been so in-culturated that to even some of the men who, "Catch the vision," really still struggle.

Many fathers say, "Yes, I don't want my children in public schools, and I don't want them exposed to so many of these things," but they don't give them a God-saturated world. They're pretty good sometimes at saying, "No, don't do this," and "we don't want you to do that," but they don't know how to make a big Christ-centered life to bring their children up in.

They don't often seem to understand the eternal value of family worship and taking those children every night, even if it's just for a few moments, and holding them  and etching into their brains, by the power of the Holy Spirit, "Daddy holding me and reading the Scriptures to me," "Daddy holding me and praying that Jesus would open my heart." I mean children ought to go to their last breath remembering that daddy wanted them to walk with Jesus.

So it's one thing to on board and say, "Yeah, we want to be a homeschooling family, and we want our children not to be exposed to all this wicked stuff," but this is missing the central point.

The point is we want to bring our children up in a home where Christ is honored, where our children know and understand that day by day daddy's going to read the Scriptures to me, mommy is going to pray with me.

So dads, they are important. And I see signs that some of them are growing, but I don't see enough, even in some of the age-integrated circles. So that's a very real concern for me.