How Sanctification Works

Dan Horn is a speaker at our upcoming conference The Highway of Holiness. In this video, he explains how God, as a kind father, works in the lives of every one of His children to make them a holy people.

Is it possible for someone to be justified, but not very sanctified? Well in a sense, none of us are very sanctified. All of us are sinners, all of us continue to have sin that's manifest in our lives. I think that I'm a much worse sinner when I look at myself now, than when I looked at myself 20 years ago, even though I can see that God has freed me from many sins, but many things that I consider serious sins, I wouldn't have considered to be sins at all 20 years ago. In this sense, no one is very sanctified.

In another sense, God says He scourges every single son He receives. There is not one who is not sanctified by God the father. He is a father to His adopted children, and when we say that He does not constrain evil, but lets you continue to run in the same path, what you're saying is that God is a horrible father. - That's blasphemy. God is not a horrible father. He trains every child he receives. Every son he adopts, He treats as a son. He constrains their evil, He purges them, cleanses them, and moves them along the path towards righteousness.

To hear more from Dan Horn, please consider joining us next month in Asheville, NC, at the Highway of Holiness conference.