The Theology of the Family

The modern church has nearly lost a sense of the Biblical doctrine and functionality of the family. At this conference, we plan to examine it in detail and seek its recovery. Why did God create families? What was He thinking? How should families think about their families?

At this conference, you will see that God, who is the designer of family life, answers all of these questions in the Bible. The “Theology of the Family Conference” will give you reliable answers to these questions from Genesis to Revelation - the only sure foundation from which to understand and build your family.
It is no accident that the entire story of redemption is couched in family imagery.

The Bible begins with the marriage of Adam and Eve and ends with the marriage supper of the Lamb, where the bride—the church—is married to her husband. The Bible begins with a heavenly family, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and it progresses to describe how God is gathering His family from the ends of the earth through the spread of the Gospel. Finally, God’s family is finally taken to a heavenly home marked by everlasting joy.

The conference messages will be dedicated to doing a Biblical Theology of the family, not a Systematic Theology. One of the valuable aspects of doing a biblical theology of the family, in contrast to a systematic theology of the family, is that you see behind the curtain. You see what God was thinking. You see the schemes of God to redeem fallen humanity through the family. And finally, when you get to the last chapters of the Bible, the pictures and shadows that started in Genesis are fulfilled.

At this conference, we are focusing on the unfolding revelation of God along the timeline of history as God uses families to assemble His everlasting family. The family is a means to communicate the gospel to children, bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord, and divide the sheep from the goats, that some may become true children of Abraham by faith.

Join us at “The Theology of the Family Conference,” and you will not only walk away with a clearly defined doctrine of the family, but you will also understand how to apply that doctrine in your family and in your church.

Regarding COVID restrictions, We are delighted for Ridgecrest to allow us to gather according to our consciences. According to conscience, our group will be free to meet as we wish to gather together in meetings and around the conference center grounds. Ridgecrest has requested that we be sensitive to wear masks when around their staff and other guests not part of our group, especially at the front desk, dining room, and other outlets. It is important to remember that almost all of Ridgecrest's volunteers are senior citizens, putting them in a higher risk category.