The Worship of God

Please join us on October 31-November 2, 2013, to consider, “The Worship of God.” At this conference, we will seek to examine and experience the worship of God and to say with king David, “Lord, I have loved the habitation of Your house, and the place where Your glory dwells” (Psalm 26:8). Our starting point will be to establish that God must be worshipped in the way He has designed, not the way man desires. Then, we will study the various categories of biblical truth that teach us about worship. Is there any more important activity for the human soul? Is there any more important category of Christian theology? Is there anything more powerful in the hearts and lives of men? Is there anything more pivotal for home life? Is there anything more important in church life and community life, than the worship of God?

Here are some topics that we will be covering:

  1. The God we worship
  2. The Biblical categories of worship
  3. Preaching the Word of God as worship
  4. Singing as worship
  5. Reading the Word of God as worship
  6. Prayer as worship
  7. The Lord’s Supper as worship
  8. Baptism as worship
  9. Giving as worship
  10. Worship as described in the great confessions of faith
  11. The power and influence of music
  12. The worldviews communicated by music
  13. Why not use images in worship?
  14. What about emotions in worship?
  15. What does the Bible say about physical expressions in worship?
  16. Why did God create music?
  17. Should we sing the imprecatory Psalms?
  18. The feminizing influence of modern church music
  19. Is there a place for modern music in the believer’s life?
  20. How do you teach your family to worship?
  21. How do you keep the worship in family worship?
  22. How do I grow in my personal worship?
  23. Work as worship
  24. What the Bible says about taking oaths and vows in worship
  25. Why don’t we dance or wash feet in worship?
  26. Why church worship should not be divided by age?
  27. What about worship on the Lord’s day – is there a Christian Sabbath?
  28. What about joy in worship?
  29. Why does God destroy nations for their worship?
  30. What is the regulative principle based on?
  31. Is there one principle for governing worship and another for all of life?
  32. How should music be used in corporate worship?
  33. Why we should sing the Psalms?
  34. The Puritans theology and practice of worship
  35. Men and women in worship 
  36. How do you “worship in spirit and truth?
  37. Congregational singing
  38. What was worship like in the early Church?
  39. What does worship in the temple Have to do with worship today?
  40. The history of public worship  
  41. Worship and the judgment of God
  42. Worship in the Old Testament
  43. Instruments in worship