Divided the Movie - DVD

Divided follows filmmaker Philip Leclerc on a revealing journey as he seeks answers to what has happened to today’s Christian youth.

Philip speaks to kids in local youth groups, interviews national youth ministry leaders, and finally meets with a growing number of pastors and elders who are abandoning the age-segregated Sunday school and youth ministry.

A well thought out and documented film, designed to explore the question, "Is age segregated youth ministry biblical?" Told from the perspective of filmmaker Phillip Leclerc, he interviews pastors, youth leaders, and teenagers from around the country to find the answer. This is his journey and the audience is along to observe. I highly recommend to anyone pondering this issue. Excellent content and the film is very professional in its quality and presentation (unlike many films dealing with Christian topics). -- David Bowman

Having been active in church for years it was hard for me to believe. But after studying the facts and talking with people openly about it there is no question that changes are needed. This DVD is right on target. -- Rich Sewell

I watched this for free on the movie's home page, and found it be a wonderful documentary. It delivers a great introduction into the idea of youth ministries being more harmful than helpful. My personal opinion of youth ministry has been evolving over time and I have come to this same conclusion. An interesting point is brought up in the movie about one of the problems being that many families have given up their responsibility to teach their children, and handed it over to the youth ministry. And in actuality, it really needs to be turned back toward the family's responsibility to train up their own children. Deut 6:5-7 " You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise." I also really appreciate the argument that children should be in the church with their family during service. I wholeheartedly agree. Great movie. I think everyone should watch it. -- Lisa Olson

Well done, well argued. This DVD makes that case that youth ministry as done in the modern church is actually detrimental to our children. The true youth ministry is the same as young adult, middle age, and elderly ministry: it's the desegregation of ages and incorporation into the body. The true youth ministers are fathers. If you want to know how to do biblical youth ministry, consider watching this video. -- K. Reed

that every parent and youth pastor watch this with an open mind. I would also recommend "Already Gone" by Ken Ham, Britt Beemer & Todd Hillard for a further look into this issue. -- N. Gross

Divided by Philip Leclerc was first sent to me by a friend who caught the post on YouTube. That impressed me so, that I purchased the DVD. It was WORTH the wait, for it is very hard to get ahold of. Pastors: IF you are wondering why your youth programs aren't cutting it...watch this DVD and prepare for some church ministry 'housecleaning'. You won't be sorry. Parents: yet another reason to 'school' your kids 'in the Christian faith' at home FIRST, and at the church house later on...when IT measures up with God's word. -- Slash T. Phillips

After being a active youth leader for over 15 years and watching 85% or more of youth leave the Church on man made programs. I was ready to look at anything that might have an answer to why we where loosing so many young Christians. I did not want to listen to this message but the Word convicted me. I can say this video along with the books Turning the Ship & Weed in the Church has opened my eyes to the truths in God's word. We are not smarter than God (I Cor. 1:9-13) as this video so correctly points out. My heart is broken over the fact that I was not able to find out these truths sooner and that so many young Christians have been turned off by our man made programs. -- Landman

Very insightful....well researched and factual evidence of what is currently happening in the church today. I recommend this to every Christian parent. -- L. Zilli