Gospel-Centered Marriages for a Glorious Church - MP3 CD

Hollywood’s concept of marriage is a union riddled with suspicion, lies, and infidelity, usually between a weak, effeminate man and an acid-tongued boss of a woman. And that’s in the rare case that the man and woman are actually married.

Although accepted by modern culture, this picture of marriage is the antithesis to that which is painted in the Bible. The many biblical references to Christ as the Bridegroom, to the Church as the bride, to the “marriage supper of the Lamb,” and to other marriage-related words and word pictures are not simply irrelevant metaphors. They emphasize the importance God gives to marriage and the way in which earthly wedded unions are a symbol of Christ’s relationship with the Church.

Gospel-Centered Marriages for a Glorious Church features audio messages which seek to portray the glory of the Gospel in the marriage of Jesus Christ to His bride, the Church. These messages aim to break the chains of “Hollywood love” and refute our modern culture’s destructive views about the purpose of marriage. Prepare to be challenged, informed, and inspired as you hear messages that seek to cast a vision for God-glorifying, purposeful, Gospel-centered marriages.