It Can Be Done

These poems are about real life. They will make you smile, square your jaw, lighten your load, heighten your step, and grow rebar in your spine. They will lift you up, make you soar, and give you a view of the smallness of your problems. They will help you think bigger, feel better, laugh harder, and eat your problems for breakfast.

My first exposure to these poems came when I arrived home one day and was met by my wife Deborah at the door. With book in hand, she began to read poems with the express purpose of inspiring me. The first poem she read was, It Couldn’t Be Done. I was hooked.
The book was originally published in 1921 and contained 239 poems. I have cut these down to my favorites - the ones that my wife read to me in her quest to be a good helper of her husband by inspiring him that, It Can Be Done!
This is a book for the rescue of 21st century manhood and womanhood. The world needs real men and women today.
Our world is sick with feminized, soft, mollycoddling, sensitive males who are always looking for permission and affirmation and certification to do anything. These male maladies are ripping our culture apart. The average male today never grows up and rarely leads. He is an emotional basket case, constantly jerked around by his feelings – not governed by eternal principles. He is worried about his hair, spends his life playing games and has a therapist. The result is, he settles for “whatever.”
Our world needs real women as well. It is reeling under the influence of dizzy, ditzy women whose vision is centered around themselves. It is languishing at the hands of women whose energy and joy have dissolved under the pressures of life. Instead, we need strong women who refuse to be unraveled or frightened by any fear. The world is crying out for resolute, visionary women who are able to rise above their disappointments to see the goal. They sacrifice their lives for their children and follow their men to the ends of the earth.
It Can Be Done!  by those who look hardship in the face, ready themselves for sacrifice, and engage themselves in dominion.