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Learn about the Battle for Iwo Jima from eyewitnesses. This beautiful new hardback edition of Preparing Boys for Battle is filled with remarkable true stories from the Battle for Iwo Jima and the ensuing air war over Japan. My father was a P51 Mustang pilot who arrived on Iwo Jima during the early days of the battle. I spent hours interviewing him and his friends. I also visited the island itself to see where it all happened. These are their stories.

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With this book, you will have an engaging way to prepare a boy for battle with living history and practical theology. 

By the way, your girls will love it too.

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The duties of biblical manhood require decisive and courageous leadership, and it is a father's job to help his son develop these patterns in his boyhood. If the patterns are deeply impressed in boyhood, they will probably continue his whole life long (Proverbs 22:6). 

In the Book of Proverbs, Solomon is speaking directly to his son in seven of the first eight chapters of that work. He is clearly letting his son know the pitfalls of growing into manhood, including whom NOT to associate with; what women to stay away from, and various other issues along the road to maturity. Life is a warfare for a young man growing up--especially in these last days. Scott Brown takes the matters of warfare into account with his work "Preparing Boys For Battle" (2009, 207 pages, Merchant Adventurers, Inc.).

Young men of today are under more of an onslaught by the forces of evil than in previous generations, and many do NOT have the spiritual tools to see them through. American boys are raised in a feminized culture, in a post-Christian era, with values of truth, honesty and clean living reserved for movies and television shows of the past. Brown takes sage advice, examples, and illustrations forged on the battlefields of World War II by his own father.

It is appropriate to remember the WWII generation. That generation of warriors spent their youth laboring to eke out a living after the Depression. They forged their character on hard work and frugality. 

"Preparing Boys For Battle" would make for a great classroom curriculum for at­risk youth. Sixteen easy-to-follow chapters provide the metal, steel and armor-sharpening materials needed to explain and illustrate what forged those young men from a previous generation, and how their reliance on Jesus Christ was passed down to their sons and grandsons. Brown's book is available through your favorite, on-line bookseller, or from the author at 

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This book is a great way for fathers to talk to their sons about manhood. The author intertwines biblical character qualities with the details of his father's experience on Iwo Jima in World War II. His descriptions of the battle scene are riveting, and so powerful because they are true. Excellent book - you won't be able to put it down! -- Fisher of Men