Joel Beeke explains in this video that if a child doesn't want to participate in family worship, a father might have to lovingly but firmly tell that child that they need to attend family worship. We are spiritually nourished through family worship. Accordingly, we must help them to see the importance and value of it.

Psalm 119:105 (NKJV) - "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

For a recalcitrant child who just seems to be sullen and immature and rebellious and maybe won't even participate in family worship, I think you need to just set down some rules, lovingly, and say, I am required in God's stead to bring you up in the doctrines of grace as recorded in the Bible. And so, you will join us in family worship. And we don't want you to join us suddenly. We're giving you everything you need for your daily life. And that means not only physical food, but spiritual food.

That child still refuses to participate. You say, well, we don't want to have come to this, but maybe if you won't take in any spiritual food maybe we'll just withhold physical food because one of the rules of you living in a household, I mean don't say it in the mean way, but just say it gently but firmly, one of the rules of living in a household is that you participate in family worship. This is the most important thing we do, my dear daughter, every single day of our lives. And so I think it's a point of being tough and yet tender, and I think much of parenting revolves around having heart-to-heart talks from time to time, if you