The speaker advises girls not to try to get noticed in inappropriate ways and to focus on being holy. Girls should not scheme or think of boys as possible spouses, but rather meet people naturally. The speaker's brothers and Reese were attracted to girls who demonstrated qualities such as love for children, relational skills, and faithfulness. Pouring oneself out can combat loneliness and bring a sense of love and support from God.

All right. I'm going to tackle this one. What are appropriate ways for girls to get noticed without being sensual, aggressively flirtatious, etc., especially focusing on body language and how they move around a room. So my first answer is Don't try. Don't try to do it.

Holy men who love holiness will love holiness to be holy. On the other hand, men who love your body will love your body. Bummer. So I'm gonna assume that most of you want to attract a holy man. Be holy.

I've told my girls this. When I was in high school, I used to walk a certain path to see J. Mahoney. I can't believe I just said that voice to me. Oh my gosh.

He's not around. Anyway, I would order my whole day about going to my locker, a certain path, so that I'd make sure I passed him. This is not what you want to be doing with your life. This is a cautionary tale for you. If you're spending your life trying to be in somebody's path, or trying to be in their presence, you're not trusting a sovereign God.

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't get out of the home and be in places where people are. My girls know people got to meet people. That's one of my famous sayings. People do have to meet people and you don't meet them if you stay in your room reading a good book. So get out.

But do not scheme. Do not scope out people. Do not think of boys as possible spouses. It is not the right way to think about our brothers. That is God's job to get your possible spouse and get him to your door.

You should be meeting people. You should not be walking a certain path and walking a certain way. And if you are, you've seen too much pride and prejudice. And I would just jump back to a question that we sort of answered quickly about basically how to attract a guy. I'll tell you a little bit about what Reese was attracted to in Elizabeth.

It was the fact that he saw that she was doing these things. And my brothers were the same. Like, when they look at all these girls who are dressed nicely and they're pretty and they look very, you know, dignified, it's kind of hard to know, so which one, you know, which one. And so My brothers were looking for the girls that were doing the things that they wanted a wife to do. You might feel like, I can't do any of those things.

But you can. Like, they were looking for the girls who loved children and were ministering to children. Not just because they were cute, but like who loved the souls of children. And preached, yeah, preached the gospel to children. And this is something that attracted Reese to Elizabeth and they were looking for the women who were you know really pouring themselves out in a supportive role to the people around them because that's how they know she's going to be a good help, you know, she's going to be a good help me.

They were looking for the girls who had, for lack of a better term, really developed relational skills in speaking to people and in encouraging and in conflict resolution and just because you know they know that this is what they're marrying that these skills are what they're going to be married to these skills are what is going to they're gonna be bringing into their own home. And they're watching how a girl lives these things out. And yeah, and that is what attracted Reese to Elizabeth, is that he saw Elizabeth doing things that he wanted in his life. And he wanted her words of encouragement in his life. And he wanted her ability to preach the gospel to children in his life.

And he wanted her faithfulness in the little things in his life. And that's how I would answer that question. Well, the great thing is if you're pouring yourself out, like as much as you can, as much as the Lord gives you grace to just be pouring yourself out into the things that are in front of you and the people that are around you, you don't even have a lot of bandwidth left over for thinking about all the things you don't have. And for being sad and lonely, like there's a limit to how lonely you can be if you are deeply invested in dozens and dozens of people. And if you're really clinging to the Lord through it, like if He really is your strength and your support and your comforter and your encourager, you just feel more and more loved and more and more surrounded by his presence all the time.

That was like the whole story of especially the latter part of my singleness. It was so good. It was so good. I would not have traded it for anything except for marrying Reese. Thank you.